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Snippet 72: All Hail the Generalist

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For this Snippet, we discuss All Hail the Generalist by Vikram Mansharamani. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to our podcast feed via RSS or iTunes so that you can be sure to get the shows as soon as they are released! :) If you know of a blog post you’d like to hear our 2bits (or bytes) on, let us know!

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  • David says:

    I like to think about this topic more as Specialist v. Opportunist. (It makes me feel a bit better.) And perhaps a more apt animal analogy might be Cheetah v. Hyena. This is a very big issue for me right now, because I have recently re-entered the design profession and would really love to be known for being fantastic at one thing so I can forget about the rest. From viewing some incredible online portfolios, it seems that most design professionals are in fact, cheetahs. Unfortunately for me, due to my relatively new advancement into this field and lack of client base, I have little choice but to be a hyena. Gaining jobs by hunting, scavenging and accepting opportunities that may fall a little bit outside of perfect career-path conditions.

    Thanks for the discussion. Enjoyed the snippet.

    • Liz says:

      Great comment David, you can also apply the idea of specializing to an industry as well as a skill set. So… perhaps you offer a wide array of services, but target your focus on serving a niche industry!

  • I think in our industry its good to be both like you said in the podcast, it keeps things varied, your expertise grows and allows you to find new interests within the industry itself. I believe this is especially true if your currently working for a small studio or have had worked for a studio your kinda thrown into it if you know other things other than your “speciality”. Like with me I work with a small design/development studio as a designer but depending on what projects we are doing there is a 90% chance I will be doing the front-end development as well because that is what I also know and capable of doing. One day I’m pushing pixels in PS the next I’m writing some JS.

    • Liz says:

      Damian, Yes! When working for a small operation you’re usually required to wear a lot of hats. It can be fun to constantly be learning new things and challenging yourself, for sure.

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