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Snippet 7: Where Have All The Comments Gone?

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For this Snippet, we discuss Where Have All The Comments Gone? by Robert Bowen at Smashing Magazine. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to our podcast feed via RSS or iTunes so that you can be sure to get the shows as soon as they are released! :)

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  • Liz says:

    Very true Andrew, it’s so easy to make a fast comment now… but, personally if I don’t have something to REALLY say on design posts, i just don’t post at all, people take it seriously and as someone who would like to keep a respectable standing with my peers — i don’t want to be “that guy”, haha – know what i mean?

    With so many design blogs, people are SERIOUS about their comments (like on SmashingMag) …did you read through the comments on this one? some people mean BUSINESS. I see both sides to the story – i love a good discussion and fostering the exchange of information within the community is so valuable .. but on the other hand, it’s a comment section, not a discussion board, right?

  • Niki Brown says:

    In all seriousness I agree that the hurdle is much lower for leaving a comment. But I also think theres an interesting trend (that i didn’t mention in the snippet) of authors turning comments off for posts.

    I think with the rise of social media commenting and discussion are moving this way.

  • Andrew says:

    Holy crap, this is a pretty intimidating post to comment on. I’ll just add that I think the recent ease of blog commenting has had a major role in the quality decrease. Think back to the days when you had to actually create an account, fill out a profile, get and click a confirm email, log back in and then post your comment. Nobody was going to go through all of that to post “fiRsT!!!!”.

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