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Book Episode 28: #Girlboss

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(Episode listen time - 35:04 - download mp3)

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It’s Episode 28 and our book this time around was #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

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Snippets: Short format shows discussing blog posts

Snippet 188: Why You Should Care About Email Design

For this Snippet, we are discussing Why You Should Care About Email Design by Ted Goas. Email plays a very important role in the marketing part of every business. Most crypto businesses use email to notify their customers about new updates. Crypto projects are flourishing as crypto trading is turning out to be profitable for many traders. The use of automated trading platforms is also helping traders in making good profits. The bitiq trading software is a popular crypto robot that offers many benefits for the traders in their trading process.

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Blog Posts: All that other fun stuff

Pagebreak Podcast on Hiatus

Well, we’ve been doing this podcast for almost 5 years now and we’re finally taking a hiatus.

Sorry that this was not better planned or announced. Life has just got too busy lately and we need a little break from our podcasting responsibilities.

We’ll be back… not sure when, but we’ll be back! If you miss the show, please let us know! Leave a message or send us a message on Twitter to @pagebreakpdcst. Allowing the show to take up so much of our time is a lot easier when we know we are actually talking to other humans… or cats… we like cats.