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Pagebreak is an audio podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown. Join us every Tuesday for a discussion on books (in our monthly 20 - 50 minute Book Shows) or blog posts (in our weekly 5 - 20 minute Snippets) that pertain to Freelance, Design, Development, Marketing and other such things.

Burp, Derp!Burp, Derp!

Vancouver, eh?

Hey Friends! We’ll be arriving in Vancouver BC, Canada tomorrow afternoon to attend the Interlink Conference! If you live in Vancouver or will be in town for the conference, leave a comment or send us a tweet to @pagebreakpdcst and lets hang!

We also are planning to do some IRL face-to-face shows and plan to broadcast them LIVE via Justin.TV — follow us on Twitter and we’ll announce when the show starts but tentatively, I’m thinking…

Friday Evening (sometime between 6PM and 9PM PST): Snippets on Conference Talks

Saturday (not sure what time): Episode 10: Designers Don’t Read

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