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Pagebreak is an audio podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown. Join us every Tuesday for a discussion on books (in our monthly 20 - 50 minute Book Shows) or blog posts (in our weekly 5 - 20 minute Snippets) that pertain to Freelance, Design, Development, Marketing and other such things.

Burp, Derp!Burp, Derp!

Challenge Accepted!

After announcing on Twitter Wednesday that Niki and I were gearing up to do some recording, our buddy Nick Snyder sent out this challenge to us, “Big ups if you can include any of the following: Thingamajig, broatmeal, dy-no-mite, bump that, holy fish tacos!

You’ll hear how we did on the March 20th release of Snippet 56 when we discuss Cultivating Genius in the 21st Century by Jonah Lehrer at

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