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Pagebreak is an audio podcast hosted by Liz Andrade and Niki Brown. Join us every Tuesday for a discussion on books (in our monthly 20 - 50 minute Book Shows) or blog posts (in our weekly 5 - 20 minute Snippets) that pertain to Freelance, Design, Development, Marketing and other such things.

Burp, Derp!Burp, Derp!

Pagebreak Podcast at Interlink Conference


Well, it ain’t any part of the “official” conference events, BUT Niki and I will both be in Vancouver this June for the Interlink Conference and while in town plan to record the first ever live episode. If you’re going to be there and are interested in hanging out with us while we drink some beers and talk about… whatever we’ll be talking about, let us know! There are still conference tickets available, and we’d love to hang out with you!

More details on this crazy idea of ours as we get close to June! :)

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