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Burp, Derp!Burp, Derp!

Videos from Eric Karjaluoto’s

Niki and I will not be releasing a Snippet this week. Here in the United States we are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving, which means both of need ample time to stretch out stomachs for the bounty of grub that is about to invade our gullets! (Plus we need to finish reading “Speak Human”!)

Fear not, Episode #5 will be recording on Tuesday as usual and we will be talking about Eric Karjaluoto’s Speak Human. In the mean time, check out some of his videos on youtube. A few of these are almost word for word exceprts from the book, so If you haven’t been convinced that you want to purchase the book yet — these videos might do the trick!

Also it is prime time to let us know your suggestion for book #6! We have a long list of possibilities but are always on the look-out for a new option — so leave us a comment! Thanks!

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