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Episode 19: Design Is A Job

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It’s Episode 19 and our book this time around was Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro.

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  • […] it was recommended in several places, including the article Getting Clients on A List Apart, Episode 19 of the Pagebreak Podcast, and on Code […]

  • I’m finally back!

    After going through a bit of hell, I’ll be working at a bakery (third shift) so I can continue going to school (majoring in computer science).

    With all that being said, two things alone keep me very busy. But I’ve taken the step of putting up my own website (and using my name), currently developing it.

    I really like the points addressed in this podcast. How you present yourself is how you’ll be seen, so true.

    I’ve acquired a ton of knowledge and skills through practice, research, and discussions on blogs/forums. Also doing some client work. So long as we value in and believe in our own work, so will the clients worthy of working with us (and they will trust us to make decisions and solve problems). More designers just need to believe in their work, everything else will come into place.

    Particularly true with money, there is a lack of courage. For me, it’s just easier to set a baseline price for projects and not work below that.

  • @chadkoh says:

    This is the first time I have heard of Pagebreak and this episode encouraged me to go back and listen to a bunch of “back issues”. I even joined your GoodReads group.

    DiaJ really gave me a kick in the pants in terms of taking myself, my skills and my experience seriously. When thinking about the client relationship I would focus too much on “the client”.

    Like I said in my GR review: I feel like I have interned at Mule. So much good, real-world advice. I must’ve hilited half the volume! Best ABA book yet.

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