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Episode 5: Hardboiled Web Design

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Hard Boiled Web Design

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It’s Episode #5 and we read Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke. We both agree, if code excites you — this books gonna make your heart go aflutter!

Warning — I think the greater portion of this episode is Niki and I talking about new CSS3 and HTML 5 featured and be dorky dorks about them.

Shout out to Niki’s friend, Ruthie BenDor (@unruthless)

Some of the stuff we reference in this episode that you may want to check up on; Spacer GIFS, animated gifs, Instapaper iPhone App, Pagebreak Snippet: Analyzing In-Browser Design, Modernizer, 960GridSystem, Jquery, html5shiv, CSS Spiderman cartoon… and hey, what do you know, an @ really IS just called and “at sign.”

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